The KRIOR products in the Ice your Skin range are specially designed to work together.

Step 1: Open the silicone ball

Step 2: Place the rose quartz heart in the bottom half

Step 3: Fill one measuring line of Ice Essential into the lower half of your "Ice your skin Eisball".

Step 4: Close the bottom and top halves 

Step 5: Insert the funnel into the ball opening 

Step 6: Fill the ball up to the mark; carefully place your "Ice your skin Eisball" overnight (at least 6 hours) upright with the opening upwards in your freezer

Step 7: After about 6 hours, open the upper half of the "Ice your skin ice ball".

Step 8: Massage your face, neck and décolleté with the "Ice your skin ice ball" for 30-40 seconds in circular movements; always work outwards from the center of the face. 

Step 9: Then work the remaining moisture into the skin with your fingers.

Step 10: Take 1-2 pumps of the Ready to Glow cream

Step 11: Apply the Ready to Glow Cream to the face, neck and décolleté and massage in in circular motions.

Content suitable for freezing. For external use only.

Hold the Ice Ball during use always on the move 
and don't stay in one place for too long.

The treatment with the frozen ball massages the skin, gives it a rosy freshness thanks to the cold and injects the active ingredients perfectly matched to this treatment into the skin. 

With the final 24-hour care cream, the skin is supplied with all the active ingredients that it was unable to absorb during the cold treatment.

A visible feeling of freshness remains throughout the day. The glow caused by the application is still visible on the face many hours after the application, the skin is well supplied with blood and looks plump and rosy. 

The fresh kick not only invigorates the facial skin, but also generally dispels tiredness in the morning (similar to an invigorating contrast shower). 

Even slight headaches can be alleviated by the pleasant cold. The treatment is not only the ideal care program in the morning, but is also perfect after the sun to cool and care for sun-stressed skin and to obtain a long-lasting healthy tan. 

For men, the application is a pleasant care ritual, especially after shaving, and is quick and uncomplicated.

Thanks to the Ice Essential, the water melts a little faster than pure frozen water, so there is no risk of injury if the ice ball is constantly moving.

Only apply skin icing for as long as it feels good to you.

The Day & Night Cream Ready to Glow and the Ice Essential Wake up call were specially developed for skin icing and are suitable for all skin types. Both products performed very well on healthy skin in dermatological tests. To the Dermatest homepage

Bei Rosezea / Cuperose / Acne we recommend you to consult a doctor as the Ice-Essential is 10 times concentrated.

Yes, you can put a small amount (the size of a pea) in the palm of your hand and massage directly onto your face, neck & décolleté. This gives your skin an extra boost and glow.

Since the Ice Essential is 10 times concentrated, we recommend that you consult a dermatologist before using this product if you have skin problems. With normal skin, Ice Essential performed very well undiluted in the dermatological test. To the Dermatest homepage

Yes, the KRIOR products are tested by an independent company, Dermatest GmbH, and found to be very good in terms of skin compatibility. To the Dermatest homepage

The test is carried out on different skin types. The basis is a normal skin. If you tend to have problem skin, we recommend that you consult your dermatologist. All important information about the ingredients and active ingredients can be found on the product page of the respective product.

We attach great importance to consistently avoiding parabens, silicones, mineral oils, synthetic preservatives and fragrances.

Before each application, we recommend thorough cleaning of the skin.

Unopened, the "Ready to Glow" Day & Night Cream and the "Wake up Call" Ice Essential have a shelf life of 30 months.

The shelf life after opening can be found on the jar symbol on your KRIOR product.

The KRIOR products are made without synthetic preservatives and should be consumed as directed.

Alcohol is not additionally added to the KRIOR products, but is a component of the active ingredient complex and is found here in very small quantities.

To prevent dehydration, KRIOR products contain valuable oils from controlled organic cultivation.

KRIOR care products are free of silicones, parabens, paraffin, PEGs, hormones or endocrine disruptors, microplastics, palm oil, mineral oils, mineral wax and synthetic preservatives.

Purity of the ingredients and consistent pursuit of the clean beauty approach are essential for KRIOR.

Our products are free of perfumes. If you can detect a light scent, it comes from the natural oils from certified organic farming.

Yes, KRIOR products are not tested on animals. Our cosmetic products are manufactured in Germany and are therefore subject to German and European regulations.

You can carefully remove your hemisphere from the silicone mold, turn it over and continue using it for the next few days.

Close both halves of the ball to store your ice ball as usual.

Use the face cloth and hold the hemisphere with it during use.

After you have already used half of your ice ball, you can detach the second half from your ball, turn it and use it from the other side.

If you froze the rose quartz heart at the same time, now is the moment to release the heart.

The melting point is low thanks to the Ice Essential.

Gently glide over the back of your hand to smooth the edges. If your rose quartz heart doesn't come off right away, glide a little longer over the back of your hand.

Our products have been dermatologically tested on healthy skin. If you have skin problems, you should consult a doctor before using ice (with the Ice Ball or pure). The Ice-Essential is specially developed for skin icing and has a 10-fold concentration.

Basically, our care products are also harmless during pregnancy and breastfeeding. Our cosmetics were developed in the clean beauty area and are free of critical ingredients that can have a negative impact on the environment, the skin and our health. Our premium active ingredient cosmetics are free from silicones, parabens, paraffins, hormones, microplastics, palm and mineral oil. It is vegan, with no added fragrances and no synthetic preservatives. Our Ice Essential and Day & Night Cream do not contain any retinol either. Since your skin can react differently due to the pregnancy hormones, we recommend that you consult your specialist again.

We are very sorry if you received damaged goods. This rarely happens, but can happen due to shipping.

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