Skin Icing - What is it?

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Skin icing is one of the current beauty trends for facial care and means treating the skin with frozen water. This so-called cryotherapy is not new, as it is well known that cold relieves pain, for example from insect bites, burns or swelling. In addition, ice promotes blood circulation and makes the skin rosy and fresh. So why not offer an ice meditation to the face as well, if it reduces puffy circles under the eyes, redness and wrinkles and conjures up a radiant complexion?

What does skin icing do for me?
The ice will cause your blood vessels to constrict, minimizing redness. In return, more blood flows through the veins, swelling subsides more quickly, and swollen circles under the eyes are also reduced. The result: a rosy, fresh complexion.

How do I apply skin icing?
If you want to use skin icing in the comfort of your own home, your most important utensil is a freezer. Before skin icing, you should definitely clean your face thoroughly so that no make-up residue is spread on the skin. It is important that you massage your face with the ice in even, circular movements. There should be no unpleasant feeling, e.g. a burning sensation, because then your skin is too cold. It is best to interrupt the massage for a short time or stroke your skin with less pressure.

What is so special about the "Ice your skin" ice ball by KRIOR?
The "Ice your skin" ice ball by KRIOR - derived from the Greek word krio = cold - brings ice-cold power into your bathroom. The additional Ice Essential with highly concentrated active ingredients supports your home skin icing in a very special way: it is simply frozen together with the water in your "Ice your skin" ice ball.
The high-quality active ingredients in the Ice Essentials are perfectly matched to the Skin Ice Treatment. Due to the gentle massage and the warmth of the skin, the "Ice your skin" ice ball slowly melts and the active ingredients penetrate through the pores. The cold stimulates blood circulation and metabolism, so that swelling, redness and small inflammations are reduced. The skin is tightened and gets a rosy, radiant complexion. The 24-hour care cream provides your skin with all the active ingredients that it was unable to absorb during the cold treatment.

How long does the freshness effect of the "Ice your skin" ice ball last?
A visible feeling of freshness remains throughout the day and hours later the unmistakable shine can be seen on your face. The "Ice your skin" ice ball banishes morning tiredness in a similar way to a contrast shower.
The care program gives sun-stressed skin pleasant care and cooling, so that a healthy tan lasts for a long time and does not fade after a short time. Men can also enjoy a pleasant care ritual quickly and easily, especially after shaving.

Who is skin icing not suitable for?
The risks of skin icing are extremely low. However, there are a few groups of people who should avoid skin icing.
If you suffer from rosacea, couperose or hives, the redness of the skin can be increased by the interaction of cold and warm. If you suffer from acne, the friction can spread the bacteria all over your face - even on acne-free areas. It is best to speak to a dermatologist before use to be on the safe side.

Have you ever tried skin icing? With the KRIOR Premium Box, you're just a click away from your ice meditation.