No more spoons or cucumber slices from the freezer!

Hautpflege Hauterfrischung Hyaluronsäure Vitamin C und E Antioxidantien Augenpflege Schwellungen reduzieren Rötungen reduzieren Frischere Augenpartie Müde Haut Gestresste Haut Spannkraft Feuchtigkeit Hautstraffung Hautschäden verhindern


Are you part of every beauty trend? Chilled spoons, unwieldy ice cubes and other experiments without active ingredients are part of your everyday beauty routine?

Not anymore! Those drug-free experiments are finally a thing of the past! 

Puffiness around the eyes can occur for a variety of reasons, such as staying up all night, tearing, allergies, or other health conditions. Luckily, there is now an easy way to relieve puffy eyes.

Skin icing on a new level, with the best of four beauty worlds, KRIOR combines the invigorating effect of cold with a soothing massage of the skin, in combination with the energizing properties of gemstones and all this with highly concentrated active ingredients, made in Germany.