A heart of rose quartz!

Edelsteine, Mineralien, Spurenelemente, Edelsteinwasser, Massage, Heilsteine, Rosenquarz, Schmuckstücke, Hautpflege, Durchblutung


Gemstones can turn ordinary water into "gemstone water" through their minerals and trace elements. Through the external application z. B. with a massage, the positive properties of the healing stones can be transferred to the skin. 

The rose quartz is a beautiful gemstone that is used in many pieces of jewellery. It is best known for its pink colour, reminiscent of the color of rose petals. The rose quartz is also known as the stone of love and the heart and is said to have a calming effect on feelings. 

Here are some possible benefits of rose quartz in skin care:

- Promote blood circulation: The rose quartz gemstone is said to promote blood circulation in the skin, which can contribute to improved oxygen and nutrient supply to the skin.

- Soft and Velvety Skin: Rose Quartz is said to make the skin soft and velvety by removing excess oil from the skin and strengthening the skin barrier.

- Anti-inflammatory properties: Rose quartz is said to have anti-inflammatory properties, potentially making it a good choice for people with sensitive or inflamed skin.