BALANCE BEAUTYTIME x KRIOR: The positive properties of cold on the skin!

BALANCE BEAUTYTIME x KRIOR: Die positiven Eigenschaften von Kälte auf die Haut!


It's no coincidence that we look particularly rosy and fresh in winter. Ice has impressive effects: In cryotherapy or cold therapy, the low temperatures are used, for example, to regenerate and relax the muscles. In cryolipolysis, fat deposits are treated with ice in a targeted manner. We will explain to you what positive properties cold can have on the skin and how you can achieve amazing results with treatments at home.

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Cold therapy stimulates skin renewal!

Very low temperatures are a beneficial shock for the skin. Blood circulation is significantly stimulated and regeneration is in full swing. This increases cell division and the production of firming collagen fibers. The skin renews itself through the cold therapy and thus appears younger and fresher.


The cosmetics manufacturer KRIOR offers a  professional Set for skin icing and takes it to a whole new level with its products. With the KRIOR sets, you can create your own ice ball at any time, which you can stroke over your skin to activate it. The special thing about it: The ice consists not only of water, but of a water mixture with cold-resistant essentials.

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